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Between The Rivers is a quarterly publication dedicated to telling the
stories and preserving the heritage of the lost communities, 
families, churches and cemeteries from between the rivers.

Between The Rivers is a not for profit organization using an all 
volunteer staff to produce and publish the magazine.

Between The Rivers Magazine wants YOUR stories!
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Subscription Rates
Annual subscription (4 issues) $ 20 
Per Issue Price  $ 5 
Back Issue(each)$ 5

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Order From:
Between The Rivers
P. O. Box 89
Grand Rivers, KY  42045
Phone (270) 362-0766

Office located at 1860 J. H. O'Bryan Avenue
Grand Rivers, KY 
(Next to Grand Lakes Clinic)
If office is closed, copies can be purchased from Lake Realty 
located behind Between The Rivers Office.

I have no affiliation with Between The Rivers Magazine.  I am merely providing a 
refererence source to those interested in the area.

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